Lifeguard Towers


The newest addition to our product line is the Surveyor APEX tower. The APEX design combines the attributes of the larger Surveyor Senior within a slightly smaller – more wind resistant framework to reduce costs, and to improve upon ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The APEX deck area has been reduced to decrease wind lift potential and the space-age look shutters are designed to assist in deflecting wind. The exterior shutters when up form the main roof surfaces in front and on the sides of the house structure. The shutters fold down quickly over all window surfaces as well to protect from vandalism.

There is plenty of room inside the cabin to shield two lifeguards from the sun and weather. The cabin accommodates two observation chairs, as well as providing counter space and cabinetry. The two side doors, roof, and floor hatches when open provide ample air circulation. The front and side windows have a vertical opening of circa 39” which makes for excellent panoramic viewing capacity.

The exterior observation deck is 4 feet deep in front of the window. The deck has circa 64 square feet of walking space not counting that of the interior cabin. The cabin measures circa 6’ x 6’ at floor level and increases in size as it angles outward from window level up providing our roomiest cabin. An exterior fold-down observation bench that secures at night inside the cabin, as well as stainless safety railings around the deck and ramp areas come standard.

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As the leader in the design and manufacture of Surveyor lifeguard observation towers, Industrial Design Research has now developed an innovative LIFEGUARD OBSERVATION STAND.

Our new product offers the expected Surveyor quality and durability with many advantageous features.

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